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KARBORN profile

KARBORN's penchant for digital image manipulation was formed in his early teens and has since been peddling his beautiful, multi-media craft in live AV and DJ sets, on canvases and prints, coming together in perfect, symbiotic unison at his debut solo exhibition during 2008's pioneering Sonar Festival in Barcelona.

He is also very much the storyteller, piecing his work with creative prose, alternate imagery and music. Spacey lows of dubstep and the tinkerings of old school electronica fuel the Bow E3 resident, as does the underlining ideal of value and exclusivity in such a throw-away and disposable era of music and art. Two stunning projects that reflect this are his recent AV collaboration with John Foxx on "Burning Car" and an exclusive upcoming series of dub lacquers, which pairs musicians and artists (including himself) on one-off vinyl dubplates. The project is entitled "Platonic" and the visionary musical artists involved are a clutch of today's most contemporary, forward thinking electronic producers, including Burial, Zomby, John Foxx, Dubterror, Amon Tobin, Starkey and Drums of Death.

KARBORN is the urban romantic, living in secret gardens in moody cities, his works are the stories he finds there in.

"In regards to 'Platonic', the future of digital infinity lays infinite value in exclusivity. The pieces are centred around a vinyl dubplate, one side being an exclusive audio recording with the other side being a canvas for a unique hand crafted piece of art. The artists we are assembling for 'Platonic' are the producers and artists I am most inspired by. Everything is built around a deep appreciation of music and sound. Electronic producers and musicians are the most interesting to me. Manifestations of man and machine."

"The 'Burning Car' project took the form of vinyl, video and printed artworks. Putting all these parts together, collaborating with producer DUBTERROR on the remixes of two wonderfully deep, dark and sparse John Foxx productions from the late-70's which sound more relevant today than they did before. The artworks were constructed as visual translations of the audio productions. Very limited prints surfaced, selling swiftly."

This is how it should be done. For future generations.


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